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Only incumbent candidates file to run in Harwood Heights Village Board election

Only incumbent candidates had filed to run in the April 2 election for three available seats on the Harwood Heights Village Board by Monday’s deadline.

Those who filed include Zbigniew “Ziggy” Lewandowski, Therese “Terry” Schuepfer and Anna Brzozowski-Wegrecki, representing the Team Building Party.

Lewandowski and Schuepfer noted that the village’s challenges include revenue generation and cost control.

“The biggest issues facing our village and other communities is to continue to generate new revenues to keep up with expenses by promoting business opportunities, resulting in an increase of sales revenue,” he said. “The continuance of new developments, attracting new businesses, safety, and keeping services available to all residents, all at minimum or no cost, is our goal."

Schuepfer shared that sentiment.

“One example of a challenge that faces all of us is how to control costs as you integrate newly emerging technologies with essential village services, so that residents receive the most up-to-date and cost-effective delivery of information and procedures,” she said.

Schuepfer has served as a trustee since 2007, and is a lifelong resident of Harwood Heights. She chairs several committees for the village, including its ordinance and license committee and finance committee.

Lewandowski also has served as a police commissioner for the village. He said he feels the village is headed in the right direction.

“Under the leadership of Mayor Arlene Jezierny, the village board has made huge progress with developing vacant properties and attracting many businesses,” he said. “Our comprehensive development plan has plans for further development opportunities and ways to attract new business.”

Schuepfer promised she would do her part to serve residents and community members of Harwood Heights.

“If re-elected, I will continue working with the village board, mayor, and clerk to achieve goals set out in our planning documents, as well as meet any future challenges presented to our community,” she said.

Brzozowski-Wegrecki did not respond to requests for interview.

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