My name is Megann Horstead, and I'm a freelance news reporter with a strong digital-first mentality. I honed skills in my craft over the years, enabling me to become a top candidate for journalism jobs. I earned a journalism degree from North Central College, a private liberal arts institution in Naperville, Illinois. It is my hope to become a full-time staff reporter. In the past, my byline has been featured in the Daily Herald, Kane County Chronicle, My Suburban Life, The Herald-News, Morris Herald-News, DeKalb Daily Chronicle, The Daily Line, Chicago Defender, WCSJ News, WSPY News and more. Highlights from my resume include:

Coordinating and conducting interviews via email, phone and in person

Exhibits ability to write across media

Daily management of social media accounts

Demonstrates good skills in photojournalism

Possesses a working knowledge of AP Style

2,000-plus articles produced for print newspaper, online and broadcast radio

Maintains proficiency in Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office suites

If interested in working with me, feel free to contact me. 

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