My name is Megann Horstead, and I'm a freelance news reporter with a strong digital-first mentality. I honed skills in my craft over the years, enabling me to become a top candidate for journalism jobs. I earned a journalism degree from North Central College, a private liberal arts institution in Naperville, Illinois. It is my hope to become a full-time reporter. I must stress that it is always my intention to maintain excellence in journalism. Highlights from my resume include:

Coordinating and conducting interviews via email, phone and in person

Exhibits ability to write across media

Daily management of social media accounts

Demonstrates good skills in photojournalism

Possesses a working knowledge of AP Style


3,000-plus articles produced for print newspaper, online and broadcast radio

Maintains proficiency in Adobe Creative and Microsoft Office suites

If interested in working with me, feel free to contact me. 

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