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Candidates in Harwood Heights, Norridge begin to file petitions

Candidates for the Team Building Party were first to file petitions to run for the Harwood Heights Village Board of Trustees in the April 2 election.

In running for local offices, the group—comprised of incumbent candidates Therese Schuepfer, Anna Brzozowski-Wegrecki and Zbniew Lewandoswski—took the opportunity file on the first day, beginning the morning of Dec. 10.

Harwood Heights Village Clerk Marcia Pollowy said candidates were allowed to start taking out petitions as early as August through the Illinois State Board of Elections or Cook County websites.

“We don’t know who’s running until they come in and file,” she said.

Opportunities are available to serve as a trustee for one of three, four-year terms.

Candidates have until Monday, Dec. 17, to file their petitions.

In the village of Norridge, among those having filed early were those with the Norridge Improvement Party, a group comprised of Bill Larson, Donald Gelsomino and Jack Bielak.

In the April 2 election, candidates will vie for one of three open seats as trustee for the duration of a term.

Katherine Gaseor, executive assistant to the mayor of Norridge, said candidates must file at village hall.

“There is a possibility that there could be other candidates,” Gaseor said. “We will not know until 5 p.m. next Monday.”

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