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Village of Sugar Grove takes action to help restaurants amid coronavirus pandemic

The village of Sugar Grove is looking to support local restaurants as the coronavirus pandemic continues.

During a March 19 emergency Village Board meeting, officials approved three items to help restaurants navigate the situation.

“The Village Board approved all three items unanimously in response to COVID-19,” Village Administrator Brent Eichelberger said.

One Village Board vote allows the village to extend the expiration date to renew liquor licenses.

Eichelberger said the process to renew licenses requires on-site inspections.

The village has taken other action in recent days to reduce contact between village staff and residents to prevent any potential spread of the coronavirus by limiting access to public buildings such as Village Hall. In addition, officials have been encouraging residents and other community members to conduct business by phone and email whenever possible.

Eichelberger said the Village Board’s second and third votes were done to assist local restaurants to get through this crisis.

The actions taken allow officials to create a new class of liquor license for the temporary carry-out and delivery of packaged alcohol and grant those licenses to certain current liquor license holders.

“Eligible restaurants include Open Range, Fireside and Sugar Grove Café,” Eichelberger said.

The emergency meeting held March 19 is the village’s second this week.

During a March 17 emergency meeting, the powers afforded to Village President Sean Michels were extended to help the village remain operable amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Eichelberger has said the village president does not have the authority to issue new liquor licenses without the Village Board’s approval.


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