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Village of Minooka’s fiscal year 2018-2019 audit reveals clean opinion

The village of Minooka received a clean opinion for its fiscal year 2018-2019 audit.

A presentation of financial statements took place at Tuesday’s regular meeting of the Minooka Village Board of Trustees.

Finance Director John Harrington gave an overview of the audit, saying that fiscal year 2018-2019 was a fiscally positive year for the village.

Revenue for nonproprietary funds increased from $9.3 million to $9.829 million over the prior year.

Expenditures equate to $8.5 million, which makes for a $345,000 increase over the prior year.

Also at the meeting, trustees authorized a contract award for an emergency drainage project at the Indian Ridge subdivision.

Village board action also waived the competitive bidding requirement.

Village Administrator Dan Duffy had this to say.

Some residents had been in contact with the village about flooding concerns, officials said.

Duffy said the project strives to benefit all residents of the Indian Ridge subdivision.

Duffy spoke on how the subdivision has been impacted and why.

The contract amounts to $80,596 and is awarded to Morris-based Brandt Excavating, Incorporated.


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