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Village of Minooka Approves Boundary Line Extension Agreement with Channahon

The Minooka Village Board on Tuesday approved a one-year boundary line extension agreement between the villages of Minooka and Channahon.

The decision comes on the heels of learning that Grundy County is conducting a transportation study to help inform how truck and freight traffic may impact community planning and development.

Village Administrator Dan Duffy says both villages would like to ensure that the county’s work is complete before extending a longer term boundary line extension agreement.

The previous pact outlining the jurisdictional boundaries between Minooka and Channahon was for 20 years and is expiring on Aug. 5, according to village board documents.

Duffy says Channahon has a potential development in the pipeline, which leads a shorter term boundary line extension agreement to make sense for both sides.

“We have property in between us down along U.S. Route 6 on the north side where the large petrochemical industries are at—Aux Sable, Lyondell,” Duffy said. “There’s about 800 acres there and that 800 acres could potentially be a large development one of these days with potential truck traffic associated with it. That’s right in between both the villages, and we want to make sure that we address that—that that’s properly planned along our boundary line agreement. So, hopefully this study can help us address that.”

Duffy says that 800-acre property was purchased by an industrial rail service, but what the development will be is unknown.

Also at the meeting, Minooka officials announced that the village had issued a liquor license to a new restaurant in town.

Duffy says Pete’s Public House could open its doors to patrons beginning in June.

The restaurant will set up shop at 502 Twin Rail Drive, at the former site of Twin Rails Pub and Chapin’s East banquet hall.

As previously reported, a developer has expressed interest in bringing an antique car dealer to the banquet hall portion of the site.

The building has been vacant since last year.

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