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Survey says Sugar Grove residents want more restaurants

The village of Sugar Grove, in partnership with the Sugar Grove Economic Development Corporation, is reviewing the results from the first of two restaurant surveys that were issued electronically to resident utility customers.

The village received 907 responses to its request for feedback regarding restaurant preferences, officials said.

Results show 72% of respondents eat out three times per week or less, and 88% of respondents indicated they always or frequently travel outside of town when they eat out.

Officials hope the results will generate enough interest to attract more restaurants to town.

“We’re hoping that it can help … to capture the interest of the developer or business who might not have thought of Sugar Grove but sees the support or interest,” Alison Murphy, senior management analyst for the village, said.

The survey is one of many tools employed by the village to help promote economic development, officials said.

“It’s one piece of information to put with all the other pieces that we have to better define our strategy and have a conversation when businesses and developers come to talk to us,” Murphy said.

Sugar Grove is currently home to a number of restaurants, including Fireside Grille, King Wok 47 and Open Range Southwest Grill.

The survey, which closed Jan. 31, gave respondents the opportunity to provide additional comments.

Some common themes made mention of wanting more sit-down restaurants, healthy eating options, breakfast/lunch options and brew pubs/bars.

“In the comments section, many people mentioned the name of a specific restaurant or type of restaurant,” Murphy said. “We took the top ones that were mentioned and that was our follow-up survey.”

The village is expected to release the results from the second of two restaurant surveys in the coming days, officials said.

“We put it up the 12th of February, and it came down the 20th of February,” Murphy said. “Between those two surveys, we had almost the same number of responses.”

The Sugar Grove Economic Development Corporation has a task force assigned to review the results of the second survey, officials said.

For details on the first restaurant survey or to view the results, visit