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Portillo’s, Cooper’s Hawk and Panera Bread top among Sugar Grove residents, survey shows

The results are in for the nearly 900 Sugar Grove residents who responded to a follow-up survey asking of restaurant preferences.

The village of Sugar Grove, in partnership with the Sugar Grove Economic Development Corporation, recently released a report highlighting the community’s responses.

Sugar Grove officials intend to use the information gathered to help promote conversations with developers and restaurants.

Among the types of restaurants of most interest to respondents were Mexican, bar and grill and breakfast, the results show.

The follow-up survey closed in February after collecting 875 responses, officials said.

Alison Murphy, senior management analyst for the village, said the information gathered affirms the village’s understanding of the community’s restaurant interests.

“I think it solidified the information that was received in comments section,” she said, referring to preferences found in the initial survey. “We wanted to look a little deeper at those.”

The survey results indicate specific restaurants of interest are Portillo’s, Cooper’s Hawk and Panera Bread.

Other establishments made mention of were Starbucks with drive-thru, Texas Roadhouse and Olive Garden.

Murphy negated the idea of the follow-up survey placing added pressure onto the village to attract certain restaurants.

“I don’t think it would put any more pressure on the village, as the Sugar Grove Economic Development group is always looking for opportunities to bring businesses into the village, but I think it does provide them with some direction and information that they didn’t have before about the support that exists in the community for those types of restaurants,” she said.

Currently, the village is home to a number of restaurants, including McDonald’s, Paisano’s Pizza and Grill and Sugar Grove Café.

For details on the follow-up survey and its results, visit

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