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Minooka Village Board authorizes sale of land to developer of daycare facility

The village of Minooka is selling 1.5 acres located at the southwest corner of Ridge Road and Prairie View Drive to the developer of a daycare facility.

The Minooka Village Board of Trustees approved a contract for the sale at Tuesday’s meeting.

Village Administrator Dan Duffy had this to say.

Village board approval gives the developer, Harold Oliver, a period of 120 days for due diligence to determine if the property’s soil is feasible for the purchaser’s needs. It also provides time for the state of Illinois to decide if the property can be used for a daycare facility.

Originally, the village planned to allow for a period of 60 days for due diligence, officials said.

Duffy said the village has another 1.5 acres at the same corner, but there are no plans for it at this time.

Village Attorney Chris Spesia spoke of a request made by the developer asking for another amendment to the agreement.

The village appraised the property and is selling it for a purchase price in the amount of $235,000.

Also at the meeting, the village board authorized a purchase for de-icing salt.

Ryan Anderson, public works superintendent for the village, said the order will provide about 1,750 tons of salt.

Typically, Minooka uses about 1,200 to 1,500 tons of salt, officials said. The village has roughly 1,000 tons left over from a previous purchase.

The village will pay $174,250 to Compass Minerals America for the de-icing salt.

Anderson said the order is expected to last the village through the winter season.


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