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Minooka Receives $400,000 State Grant for Aux Sable Springs Park Improvements

The Village of Minooka at its Tuesday meeting enacted a contract agreement with the State of Illinois to put Open Space Land Acquisition Development (OSLAD) grant funds to use toward Aux Sable Springs Park.

Village Administrator Dan Duffy said the village is excited to see the project coming together with matching funds earmarked by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) to help pay for improvements.

Aux Sable Springs Park occupies approximately 120 acres of wooded farmland and prairie land and is located on Holt Road.

The project involves restoring the land to its original state and adding some recreational amenities such as fishing outcroppings, canoe launches, and baseball and soccer fields.

The village applied for the grant last year.

Duffy spoke further about the improvements.

Duffy said the project has a lot of significance to the village.

The project has a summer of 2020 completion date.

Also at the meeting, the board authorized the execution of an agreement with Family Guidance Centers to provide for a Safe Passage Program for the village.

The new initiative is made possible, in part, to partnership with Family Guidance Center, a local treatment provider for those struggling with behavioral health issues and substance use disorders.

Police Chief Justin Meyer had suggested the village look into implementing the program.

Duffy had this to say.

There is no charge for anyone who may seek the assistance provided by the program.

Duffy spoke of the significance of having a Safe Passage Program.

Duffy said there are no criteria by which a person’s arrest or prosecution can restrict one’s access to the Safe Passage Program.


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