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Minooka D201 School Board Purchases New Playground Equipment

The Minooka District 201 school board is looking to upgrade the experience of preschool students who play on the playground at the Minooka Primary Center.

Richard Searl, the district’s director of building and grounds, says new playground equipment is in the works.

At Monday’s meeting, the school board agreed to pay $186,000 for the equipment and labor costs associated with a new playground, according to school board documents.

Superintendent Kris Monn says the project is made possible thanks to a donation.

“We are just very grateful for the Davidson Family Trust that supplied the donation that is funding this project,” Monn said. “We think this is going to leave a really nice legacy for their neighbors.”

Monn says the new playground equipment will help improve accessibility for all of the students at the Minooka Primary Center.

Searl agreed, saying the playground will be fully ADA-compliant, which was one of the district’s main goals.

Monn says staff members are excited to see students take to the new playground.

“There is a little biking trail where they can learn roadway signs,” Monn said. “This is going to be a really nice project.”

The project has an anticipated completion date by summer’s end, according to school board documents.


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