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Frankfort Park District polling residents in effort to improve programming

The Frankfort Park District is encouraging residents to take part in its adult interests survey.

The initiative is meant to help assist park district officials in providing programming for adults.

“Our staff posted that trying to garner interest from adults regarding what kind of activities they want to see,” Frankfort Park District Executive Director Gina Hassett said. “Often, we find in our adult programming that the participation level is low.”

In the past, the park district has canceled its adult volleyball league on more than one occasion, officials said.

Hassett said they have shared the adult interests survey with past participants of park district programs. She said the idea behind the effort was to try and gather feedback from the community.

“We haven’t had a lot of participation at this point,” Hassett said. “We’ve had a handful.”

Hassett said the park district is open to hearing the ideas residents may have for adult programming.

“We always are open to anything,” she said. “Sometimes the challenge is finding someone to lead or be an instructor for those programs.”

Hassertt said the most popular adult programs currently include fitness classes, pickleball, and some of the co-ed sport leagues.

The park district is working on a master plan update, and it will include a larger survey regarding long-range plans.

Hassett said making sure the park district is serving all of the community to the best of its ability is always part of the plan.

“We certainly try to appeal to every segment,” she said. “We certainly want to hear from people, so that we are meeting their needs, not necessarily the trends that are going on.”

The adult interests survey is currently available online at

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