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Film festival celebrating women comes to Plainfield

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Dana Nachman is preparing for her short film’s time in the spotlight. It will be featured during the 2019 run for Lunafest, a traveling film festival celebrating women in film.

Screenings are set to take place at 6:30 p.m. March 13 at Warehouse 109, located at 14903 Center St. #109, in Plainfield.

According to its website, the festival provides space for an “all-women travelling film festival to hit the screens and amplify the voices of strong women everywhere.”

Dawn Piper, who is a co-chairwoman for the event, said that with the current climate in the nation, it makes sense to bring the screenings back to Plainfield.

Lunafest has a lineup featuring, among other short films, “My Immigrant Story”, “Flip the Record” and “The Final Show.” The latter is a film that aims to put a spotlight on a woman who has lived a long life full of love and lost who must make a decision as to whom to take along to eternity.

Nachman, who wrote and shot “The Final Show,” said the project took almost a year.

“I’m a documentary filmmaker mostly,” she said. “This is my first work of fiction I ever wrote and made. One of things I’ve enjoyed the most when I watch it with people is they’ve been laughing. People just have a smile on their face. I love that about fiction and comedy. I hope people feel it’s good entertainment, and they get a laugh out of it.”

The screenings will coincide with the observance of Women’s History Month, which Nachman said gives added weight to Lunafest and efforts to carry out its mission.

Last year, about 50 people dropped in to view the film festival in Plainfield.

“We’re hoping every year that it grows,” Piper said.

Nachman said she is grateful to have her film shown.

“I think it’s an amazing time to be a woman filmmaker because people are starting to understand that most directors and writers of film have been men,” she said. “That only gives us some of the stories. I think it’s an amazing time to be telling women’s stories. It’s great that the screenings are aligned with Women’s History Month.”

Those who attend Lunafest will get to enjoy champagne, popcorn and appetizers.

The cost to attend is $35.

All the proceeds generated in Plainfield will benefit Guardian Angel Community Services.

The film festival is made possible thanks, in part, to the event host, Grateful Grapes Wine Co. and Fork in the Road Catering Plainfield.

For information or to purchase tickets, visit