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Elburn votes to allow more video gambling machines

Elburn residents patronizing businesses with video gaming terminals may find there is an extra machine available the next time they drop in.

Village trustees this week voted 4-2 to amend an ordinance to allow an increase from 5 to 6 terminals per establishment. The village potentially could go from 25 to 30 machines as a result of the change, according to village board documents.

Trustees Kenneth Anderson Jr. and Bill Grabarek voted against the change.

Anderson said remains opposed to video gambling and will oppose any increase in the number of machines.

Trustee Bill Grabarek said increasing the number of video gaming terminals per premise could lead to an oversaturation.

“My concern is, are we getting too many machines?” he said.

The village has a number of existing rules in place regulating where terminals are allowed. Illinois’ Video Gaming Act first went into effect in July 2009.


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