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Elburn trustees update 5-year capital improvement plan

The Elburn Village Board of Trustees approved an update of the village’s capital improvement plan for 2020 through 2025 at Monday’s meeting.

Each of the village’s department heads took part in process of developing it.

Village President Jeff Walter gave kudos to members of the village board and department heads for doing their part to update five-year the capital improvement plan.

“This sets the tone for [Finance Director] Doug [Elder] on where to invest in the future,” he said. “It sets the tone for us when we have discussions. We have a document to go back and say, ‘This is what we talked about doing.’ Much like a strategic plan, this will be a great tool going forward. So, a lot of good work in this. I’m sure it’ll get adjusted over time, but I just wanted to thank you all.”

Elder indicated that many of the items are routine matters and said he can’t pinpoint any projects having higher priority than others.

Among the projects highlighted in the capital improvement plan for 2020 through 2025 are village hall renovations, Elburn Station Community Park improvements, a new police facility, a police department space- needs analysis, Metra parking lot patching and Metra replacement cameras.

The meeting did not serve as the first time officials had taken a close look at the village’s needs for the next five years.

“Last year was the first year for the capital improvement plan,” Elder said. “Last year, it was a big project. You’re thinking out five years. It was a lot of work for the department heads. We made tweaks and added one more year onto the plan.”

Trustees previously reviewed the five-year capital improvement plan at a recent meeting of the village board committee of the whole.

Walter said apart from some language changes “there were not any changes from what we discussed at committee of the whole.”

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