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Elburn trustees approve pay raises for non-union employees

he Elburn Village Board of Trustees took a close look at the rates at which non-union employees receive performance-based pay increases and cost of living adjustments at Monday’s meeting.

Village board action authorizes a range of pay raises for fiscal year 2020-21 based on two components: inflation and job performance.

“Every year, we set the range of where raises are to fall,” Finance Director Douglas Elder said.

Pay increases will rise by way of a sliding scale.

All employees, except anyone who does not meet expectations and is likely to be terminated, is eligible to benefit from the 1.8% pay increase allotted in accordance with the Consumer Price Index, or the rate of inflation.

In addition, pay rises of up to 2%, 1.5% and 1% can be granted based on the performance of employees who greatly exceed, exceed or meet expectations. Anyone, who does not meet expectations and is improving or does not meet expectations and is likely to be terminated, receives no pay increase based on performance.

Elder said the scale has “the same performance component, but the inflation component is a couple points different from what it was last year.”

Trustee Bill Grabarek questioned if the contract language needs to be tweaked to provide the village with greater flexibility in extending pay increases to employees.

Elder argued there already is some flexibility to the system.

“In a sense, the way this is a constructed, it is a sliding scale,” he said.

Elder turned to reference the five steps on the scale based on the performance component.

“That’s always at the supervisor’s discretion,” he said. “It’s usually not such an exact science.”

Village Administrator John Nevenhoven suggested the village board consider adding a clause to account for Grabarek’s comments.

Grabarek said he would like to add the language “up to” as a way of providing greater flexibility in determining which employees are eligible for pay rises.

Some trustees said they can support a vote on the cost of living adjustment and the range of performance-based pay rises as amended.

The board voted 5-0 to authorize the change. Trustees Kenneth Anderson Jr. and David Gualdoni were absent.

Village board action does not apply to union employees. The village’s decision could impact 16 employees from the police and public works departments, officials said.

“This system has worked for us for a quite a number of years,” Nevenhoven said.

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