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Elburn developer proposes plan for light manufacturing building in Huntley

An Elburn-based developer is one step closer to constructing a light manufacturing building in the village of Huntley.

Developer Travis Schultz of Travis Schultz Enterprises intends to build a 6,000-square-foot building for a business whose not yet been identified.

He said the timing make sense to pursue this project.

“I see not much inventory for other [commercial properties] to lease out, especially with Amazon and a lot of the chatter around the Huntley area,” Schultz said. “I looked around the area for those areas for potential in Huntley.”

The proposed building, located at the northeast corner of Smith Drive and Smith Court, is expected to be constructed understanding that it will be leased to a business once the project is complete, project leaders said.

The developer does not yet have a tenant for space and is pursuing the project based on a speculative bases.

The proposal includes plans to plant Red Sunset Maple trees, other plantings and add parking lot lighting.

“It’s going to be either a smaller single-tenant building or it’s going to have the ability to go to two tenants,” Schultz said. “It’s on the smaller scale of some of the developments in Huntley. That’s where I see a need. There isn’t much for that small-to-mid-sized contractor or manufacturer.”

Schultz already has an existing building he is leasing to a business in the Huntley area.

He said the decision to do business with the village makes sense.

“We really like the Huntley area and the potential for growth in the Interstate 90/Route 47 corridor,” Schultz said. “And like I said, now there’s the buzz of businesses that want to come to Huntley.”

He said that working with the village to bring on line developments has been positive.

Schultz said he hopes the Huntley Village Board will allow this project to move forward.

“The construction costs are skyrocketing through the roof,” he said. “I’ve just found that in the last eight months with the steel material for the building alone.”

The proposed plan will be reviewed by the Huntley Village Board during its May 27 meeting. At that time, officials expect to have the final say about whether the developer can proceed.


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