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City of Joliet seeking applicants for vacant city manager position

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

The city of Joliet is open to receiving applications for its vacant city manager position.

The application period began Friday, Sept. 13 and is continuing through Oct. 11.

Last week, the Ad Hoc City Manager Search Committee meeting was called to order after Councilwoman Jan Quillman brought an issue with the city’s job posting to the mayor’s attention. Quillman wanted to make it clear to prospective applicants that there is a proposed salary range. Originally, the city presented a figure valued at $220,000 to give prospective applicants an idea as to how much they can earn annually.

“If you start high, you’re going to be stuck with that,” Quillman said.

The committee came to a consensus it is best to define the salary range between $185,000 and $220,000, depending on the applicant’s qualifications and experience. The job also comes with a benefits package.

The city is looking to fill the position by hiring a prospective applicant that meets a set of criteria. Those are defined as follows:

· A bachelor’s degree in public or business administration, civil engineering, political science or urban planning

· A minimum of eight years of administrative/management experience in municipal government

· At least six months of city manager experience or related government experience

· Equivalent military experience or training, which provides the knowledge, skill and ability necessary for the job

The city also wants the next city manager to assume leadership in the search for an alternative water supply source.

Several different avenues were discussed with regard to spreading the word about the job opening. Those include, among others, the International City Manager Association, Illinois Municipal League, and

The position vacancy was created last fall, at which point the city and then-City Manager David Hales decided to part ways after less than a year. Deputy City Manager Steve Jones is currently fulfilling those duties in the interim.

If hired, the city manager is required to live within corporate limits.

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