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Gambino’s set to close Elmwood Park grocery store

A “store closing” sign is displayed in the front window of Gambino’s Fresh Market in Elmwood Park, and the grocery store’s founder said the business could be closed by the end of January.

Gambino’s Fresh Market founder Frank Gambino said the store, located at 7411 W. Grand Ave., has been serving the community since 1997.

“We’ve known our customers forever,” Gambino said. “It’s sad, but life goes on.”

Plans to close the Elmwood Park location were announced last week on the grocery store’s website. Additionally, a flier distributed in a coupon packet that’s sent to area homes made mention of the closure.

“The lease expired,” Gambino said.

Gambino pointed out that the Schiller Park Gambino’s location, north of East Leyden High School, will remain open. He said there are no plans at this time to find an alternate location for the store that is closing.

Elmwood Park Village Manager Paul Volpe said the village was not formally made aware of the store’s plans to close. He noted there are other stores nearby. Caputo’s Fresh Market also is located on Grand Avenue.

“People have plenty of options remaining,” he said. “We have great grocery options regardless.”

Gambino said “a lot of people upset” about the store’s closing.

“I wish it could be different,” he said.

“It’s sad to leave this area after 21 years,” he added. “We have a location in Schiller Park, and it’s about 10 minutes away. I hope our customers will follow us. We’re known for our quality meats, deli, and produce.”

The closing date, Gambino said, is contingent on the liquidation process and how quickly it is done.

“I’d like to spend more time in Schiller Park and make sure the customers are happy,” he said. “Hopefully, we’ll get a lot of the old customers there.”

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