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Candidates file to run in Joliet City Council election

The race to pick up open seats on the Joliet City Council has started as the April 2 election season gets underway.

About a dozen candidates filed their petitions at city hall ahead of Monday’s 5 p.m. deadline.

City Clerk Christa Desiderio said the city gave residents the option to take out petitions through her office.

Those interested in running for local offices were able to take out petitions as early as Sept. 18.

Desiderio noted that not everyone that took out petitions through her office filed to run in the election ahead of the deadline.

“There were a few people that, I believe, decided not to run,” she said.

The election will allow a dozen candidates to vie for one of the city’s five District council member seats. Meanwhile, Mayor Bob O’Dekirk is running unopposed.

In District 1, incumbent candidate Larry Hug will challenge Marc Ragusa.

A lottery is scheduled for Dec. 24 for District 1 council members that simultaneously filed to determine the order in which names will appear on the ballot.

In District 2, Pat Mudron faces Roger Powell and Vincent Alessio.

Incumbent candidate John Gerl is not seeking re-election in District 3. Vying for his seat are Joe Mutz and Sharon “Sherri” Reardon.

In District 4, incumbent candidate Bettye Gavin will campaign against Damon Zdunich and James Foster.

Two candidates are running for District 5, where Suzanna Ibarra of the Will County Progressives will face incumbent challenger Terry Morris.

Election Day next year is April 2.


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