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Shout Out: Edyta Czajkowska, Park Ridge interior designer

When Park Ridge resident Edyta Czajkowska is not busy turning heads in the interior design industry, she said one of her new go-to restaurants is Holt’s.

Czajkowska, founded interior design firm EDYTA & Co., recently talked about how she started her own signature aesthetic.

Q: What motivated you to create your own signature aesthetic?

A: My signature aesthetic is something that came naturally as I never design anything that I don't personally love. I think it is really important to take pride in your work in whatever you do. Best of all, it benefits my clients and fulfills me creatively, a winning combo.

Q: What are people saying about your signature aesthetic?

A: People have described my style as contemporary with tailored sensibilities and a touch of play. I think they are drawn to my spaces because they feel fresh and elegant, but still warm and inviting.

Q: What sparks your creative pulse?

A: Travel, of course, sparks a lot of inspiration as well as simply going to new places. I think it’s imperative to experience new things in order to stir up new ideas and points of view. I also love getting inspiration from meeting new people that do what they love and are successful, kind, humble and content—something I strive for every day.

Q: What are some of your professional aspirations?

A: I’m fortunate to have done so much in my 14-year interior design career already, but there are many more things I’d love to do. I’d like to create a textile line, collaborate with other product lines, continue to work on more exciting projects with kind and adventurous clients, and perhaps work on some inspiring hospitality projects as well.

Q: What is one thing you wish people knew about getting into the business of design?

A: A big part of working in the design industry is about aesthetics and creating beautiful spaces, but at the end of the day it is a lot of work that involves researching, problem solving, and managing everything from the smallest detail to huge construction oversight. And, of course, making people happy! A designer needs to be equally creative, hard working, and resilient.


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