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Will County Young Republicans urge voters, candidates to see red

Members of the Will County Young Republicans are urging voters and candidates to see red as the midterm election approaches.

“I think there’s misconceptions about the Republican Party, and there are definitely misconceptions about the Democratic Party, as well,” said Cornel Darden Jr., chairman of the Will County Young Republicans.

The group meets monthly to coordinate efforts to get information out, as well as to inform voters of the Republican Party, the political process and how to get involved

The Will County Young Republican have also been preparing people who are interested in running for political office.

Darden said the group has grown quickly since August.

Membership amounts to approximately 60 people, ranging anywhere from age 18 to 40.

“Our goal is to reach 100 before the end of the year,” Darden said.

The Will County Young Republicans want to use the momentum carried by the Blexit and Walk Away movement to mobilize people to join the cause.

Darden said he would like for people to recognize the issues with the Democratic Party over its history.

“We need strong leaders in office,” Darden said.

“We already have strong leaders in office obviously in our Will County Board,” he said. “They’ve been able to do a number of capital projects, like the new courthouse, without sending us in debt. They’ve been able to consistently lower our property taxes.”

Darden said he wants more African Americans in Will County to turn toward the Republican Party.

“We are not our parents or grandparents,” he said. “We’re not just going to vote for a Democratic Party whose doing absolutely nothing for us.”

Darden added, “Black people have a strong vote in the elections, and the Democrats have been taking advantage of that.”

Darden downplayed the idea of the “blue wave” and how it may sway Republicans to vote Democrat this election season.

“It’s looking more like a red wave,” he said.

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