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Shout Out: Beth Marconi, from Park Ridge to LA-based potty-training business

Beth Marconi is an entrepreneur in the potty-training industry who has lived in Park Ridge. She is a mother of three children and is currently living in Los Angeles.

Marconi and her business partner, Rachel Blum, recently celebrated the launch of Easy Peesy Potty Pants.

Q: How did the idea behind your new business venture get started?

A: Rachel Blum and I were both complaining about how our boys’ potty training was just a disaster, a nightmare. Every day, we would have new horror stories. After a while, we thought, “There has to be an easier way.” So, we took to Google in search of various devices, potty training pants, or something to make it easier for boys when they’re standing and aiming. That was our main issue. There was nothing on the market, although I did see there were some products in China. I thought it was really interesting. So, I was talking to Rachel about it, and she said, “Why don’t we make some to see how it goes?” So, Rachel and I made one. My son tested it out, and it worked great.

Q: How did your work in the animation field lead you to start-up your own business in the potty-training industry?

A: I was doing that up until I had my first son, and then it became difficult because the hours are very grueling. By the time I had my second son, I couldn’t work the hours anymore. So, I’ve been at home. I’m an ambitious person, and I always like to be doing something. So, this new business venture came to reality at a perfect moment when I potty training my older son. We just dived right into this.

Q: Have you received any feedback about Easy Peesy Potty Pants concept?

A: We have received such great feedback the last couple of weeks putting them out there. It can be something that you don’t realize you may need until you’re in the middle of the process of potty training. It’s something where a lot of the things out there that you hear before you have children is, “Oh it’s a couple days with no diapers, and then you’re potty-trained.” That is not the case, especially for boys. It’s a long transition period training on the kids’ potty to get them to be what we call, potty-confident kids out in the world at pre-school. It’s great for traveling. It’s helpful for outdoor adventures or sports practice. So, it’s all those times when you’re potty-trained, but you’re still working on the process and the routine. You really want to help them during that phase. It’s a lot longer than you realize.

Q: Have you been surprised by any of the attention your business has generated?

A: A lot of moms of special-needs children have been contacting us, which is something that we hadn’t even thought about. We just sent some out to a mom the other day whose son has severe autism. We’re really eager to hear how it’s doing with him.

Q: Do you feel the Easy Peesy Potty Pants concept is making an impact?

A: I think it makes a day out a lot easier. We do the beach a lot. It works when you’re doing something active outdoors. Now, we can go out and be free of diapers.

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