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Nominees for Will County Clerk ready for Nov. 6 election

Ahead of the Nov. 6 election, nominees for Will County Clerk discussed their views and interests.

Among those vying for the seat are Democratic candidate Lauren Staley-Ferry and Republican challenger Laurie McPhillips. Nancy Schultz Voots is not seeking re-lection in November.

Staley-Ferry said she is excited to run for this office.

“I’m running for this office because I am uniquely qualified to raise the bar as county clerk,” she said.

Staley-Ferry has spent 11 years managing data protection and cyber security initiatives for several financial institutions.

“As a current member of the Will County Board, I have a unique understanding of the county’s current successes, challenges, and opportunities,” she said.

Staley-Ferry has received endorsements from State. Sen. Jennifer Bertino Tarrant, State Sen. Michael Hastings and former Will County Circuit Clerk Pam McGuire.

Staley-Ferry said she would have three main objectives, if elected to serve as will county clerk.

“My vision for the office is simple: security, access and efficiency are my top priorities,” she said. “We need to ensure the security of our elections. We need make sure that all areas throughout the county have convenient and equal access to the polls. I will work with my staff to increase efficiency across the board.”

McPhillips tried to explain what makes her the better candidate for the position.

“I’m running on honesty, integrity, and experience,” McPhillips said.

McPhillips touted her work history over the last 26 years, saying that she has worked hard to achieve everything she has done.

“I worked my way up,” she said. “I worked my way through college while working at the county and waitressing at night.”

Highlights from McPhillips’ resume include work experience as executive secretary to the Will County Community and Economic Development Department, executive secretary to the County Administrator/County Executive’s Office, director of operations to the County Executive’s Office, and an elected official for the Office of Will County Recorder of Deeds.

McPhillips has received endorsements from current Will County Clerk Nancy Schultz Voots, former Will County Clerk Jan Gould and the Will County Sheriff’s Police Union.

If elected, McPhillips has a vision for the office of county clerk she hopes to achieve.

“I want to increase voter turnout,” she said. “We need to exercise our right to vote. There’s so many great ways to vote right now, and I want to make sure that we inform everybody about those ways to vote. And cyber security, that’s the other [measure] I want to [address]. I went to a cyber security seminar.”

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