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Joliet dissolves Greenfield Sanitary District

The Joliet City Council at its meeting this week dissolved the Greenfield Sanitary District.

It was a local unit of government formed years ago by Joliet Township to eliminate human waste pollution in the Will County area.

Council documents show that the Greenfield Sanitary District is a territory located in proximity to land within the corporate limits of Joliet.

The city has been responsible for treating the sanitary sewage for the Greenfield Sanitary District.

Payment of bills have not been fulfilled since 2009.

The Greenfield Sanitary District earlier this summer signed a petition to dissolve.

About a year ago, the city of Joliet dissolved the South Ridgewood Sanitary District.

“This is the second sanitary district that was causing some issues in our units of local government,” said Corporation Counsel Marty Shanahan said. “They were not paying their bill to the city. Both of them weren’t. So, this is essentially a carbon copy of what the council did a year ago.”

The Joliet Public Works Committee had reviewed the matter Monday ahead of the Joliet City Council meeting.

Council action, as taken, will dissolve a unit of local government.

The petition transfers all assets and responsibilities of the sanitary district to the city. In doing so, all debts owed to Joliet will be zeroed out.

The city is the owner and operator of the wastewater treatment and trunk line facilities and has engineering, public works and billing departments that are equipped and ready to continue to provide services and bill the Greenfield Sanitary District’s customers.

Moving forward, the city intends to start billing the customers directly beginning next month.

In accordance with current ordinances, sewer service charges for customers within the non-corporate boundaries of Joliet will be billed at $1.674 per day, plus the monthly sewer customer charge and sewer separation fee.

Rates and charges are subject to percentage increases imposed by city officials.

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