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  • Megann Horstead

Joliet City Council advances plans for Cherry Hill Business Park

The Joliet City Council at its meeting this week advanced a set of plans for Cherry Hill Business Park.

The local contractor, Northern Builders, was seeking a series of requests to allow for continued development of the industrial park.

Plans are in the works for warehouses to occupy a pair of lots, located at the southeast corner of Cherry Hill and Ellis roads. There are no users for the sites at this time.

City staff had set up a meeting in late August between Northern Builders and a number of residents neighboring the project. At that time, many concerns were addressed with changes asserted by the developer.

Joliet resident Marketa Skalovaapproached the Joliet City Council, saying she is worried for the project and its driveway.

“I understand [the development] cannot be moved any other place, but at least move it, if it’s not centered to our driveway,” she said. “Between our driveways with our neighbors, we have approximately 190 feet from each other. So, if they move it 50 feet to one side, it would be, I think, acceptable for us to share the other [part] of the driveway.”

Mayor Bob O’Dekirk responded later during the meeting, saying Skalova’s request sounds reasonable.

Councilman Terry Morris said he thinks the city should get Northern Builders to meet with her.

“They did make some concessions for the other residents that came before us, and they left the meeting satisfied,” he said. “I believe they would be willing to sit down with [Skalova.]”

Last month, Northern Builders added some measures to address concerns raised by residents. This includes the construction of a sidewalk along the newly-constructed portion of Cherry Hill Road, the extension of 15-foot high berm and additional landscaping, and the installation of three trees.

In a unanimous vote, the Joliet City Council reached a decision to advance the plans for Cherry Hill Business Park.