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  • Megann Horstead

Vote on Cherry Hill Business Park project postponed

The Joliet City Council tabled a vote at a recent meeting to consider approving the preliminary, final and recording plats for a warehouse project.

The petitioner, Cherry Hill HF, LLC, wants to advance plans to divide a single parcel into two lots to allow for the continued development of the Cherry Hill Business Park West industrial park.

If approved, lot No. 1 includes 30.4 acres and lot No. 2 includes 44.9 acres.

The city’s public works and utilities department is requiring project leaders to make public improvements in accordance with subdivision regulations. This includes the reconstruction of the east half of Cherry Hill Road and the north half of Spencer Road.

Residents neighboring the project raised concerns for truck routing, traffic and property devaluation during a July 19 public hearing.

The general contractor, Northern Builders, has incorporated into its plans the construction of taller berms and a change in setback to address the community’s concerns.

Resident Bob Cialoni spoke of the matter during the city council meeting, saying his thoughts of the warehouse project have not reversed.

“I’m hoping that the words I choose can convey the future emotional and financial concern that will now be part of our lives,” he said.

Cialoni turned to drawings presented to the city council indicating that buffering will taper off at various points and asked that berms are constructed no less than 15 feet in height wherever it is possible.

“We’re asking for this so it helps block the views as much as we can from the residents who have the driveways going right into the entrance ways, and it’ll also help on noise coming down,” he said.

The users for the two lots have not been named, to date.

Councilman Terry Morris asked that the city table the matter to provide time to seek information pertaining to the residents’ concerns.

Members of the Joliet Plan Commission provided a positive recommendation to the Joliet City Council.

The city is expected to consider the warehouse project at its Sept. 4 meeting.


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