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Taste of Pakistan planned for Aug. 25

The 27th annual Taste of Pakistan, organized by The Association of Pakistani Americans of Bolingbrook, will take place Aug. 25 at the Bolingbrook Performing Arts Center in Bolingbrook.

The event, by design, aims to get the community together. It offers opportunities to watch live performances, try ethnic food and enjoy children’s activities.

Admission is free and the community is invited.

“We’ve been doing a good job at it,” said Mir Ali, a board member for the Association of Pakistani Americans of Bolingbrook. “The attendance has been very good, and we really enjoy hosting it. So, we figure, why stop now?”

Organizers typically start planning to hold the annual event in April.

“It take four months of planning to execute that big of an event,” Ali said.

Taste of Pakistan serves as the group’s largest event of the year.

“Every year, it’s grown,” Ali said.

On average, Taste of Pakistan brings in 10,000 people.

The group takes pride in being part of a diverse community, Ali said.

Similar type celebrations are hosted in Chicago, Niles and Glendale Heights.

“We cater to everybody from Bolingbrook and surrounding suburbs,” Ali said. “People from Chicago come.”

Businesses and vendors typically like to use the celebration to spread the word about what they can offer.

Also at the event, attendees will be able to take part in a flag hoisting ceremony.

Guests expected to appear at Taste of Pakistan include Bolingbrook Mayor Roger Claar and other elected officials.

“I think that carries a lot of sentiment for a lot of Pakistanis that come and see the Pakistani flag being hosted by our elected officials,” Ali said. “That’s a source of pride for them.”

Ali said the event year after year supports local charities and their efforts to help those in need.

In the past, Taste of Pakistan raised funds, in part, to assist the relief effort following an earthquake in Pakistan.

“It’s a community event, and we like to give back to the community that we live in,” he said. “At the same time, we want people to learn about who Pakistanis are, what we do, and all the positive contributions that we’ve made in Bolingbrook and nationwide.”

Ali hopes the event provides a fun-filled day for everyone.

“We make sure that we address everybody—every age, gender, race,” he said. “We have stuff for kids; we have stuff for adults.”

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