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Q-BBQ in Oak Park to be featured on Travel Channel’s ‘Food Paradise’

The film crew for Travel Channel’s "Food Paradise" started shooting footage last week for an upcoming show featuring Q-BBQ in Oak Park.

According to its website, “Food Paradise” features an array of “must-stop food spots” across the country. The concept for the show this time around is comfort food.

“I think that our barbeque fits that theme,” said John Rot, one of the owners of Q-BBQ. “I think that barbeque, in general, fits that theme, and I think that our barbeque has been getting a lot of awards and accolades over the last couple of years in the Chicago market.”

The film crew shot footage on location capturing the creation of a couple select recipes and interviews with patrons as they dropped in.

According to a statement from Travel Channel, Q-BBQ will be featured in an upcoming episode called “Cranked Up Comfort.”

“The spot was chosen because we were looking for the best comfort foods on a recent filming tour through Chicago,” the statement reads. “When we want soul-soothing food, we search social media and see what people are craving and raving about. Q-BBQ caught our attention, not only for the great menu, but also the great team running the kitchen. The episode is currently slated to air this fall.”

The Q-BBQ concept and motto, by design, brings barbeque from across the country to Chicago.

“In the Chicago market, we have a different type of barbeque,” Rot said. “We’re more about the barbecuing and less about the smoking. We took barbeque from all [of] the country, and then we gave it our own spin.”

Rot did not disclose which recipes will be featured during the show. Popular menu items of note are the pulled pork and brisket burnt ends sandwiches, with an option to upgrade to Q-Style.

“We take our coleslaw and add it to the sandwich,” Rot said, explaining what Q-Style is. “On the burnt ends, we use our homemade aioli sauce. On the pulled pork, we use smoked gouda to give it a unique twist and flavor.”

The brand over the years has garnered a number of accolades, including 2015 and 2016 People’s Choice trophies from Chicago’s Ribfest.

“We’ve been featured in the Chicago Market quite a bit,” Rot said. “We’ve never had an opportunity to be featured nationally or even internationally. Travel Channel’s all over the world. We’re obviously really excited. That’s quite an honor. We’re excited to bring [attention] to Oak Park.”

Q-BBQ opened its Oak Park location in 2016.

Rot hopes people will tune into to the show once it airs.

“Hopefully, what they’re going to see is a great representation of our food,” Rot said. “They took beautiful food shots. Hopefully, it makes them hungry.”


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