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Shout Out: Harshitha Padiyar, aspiring electrical engineer

A 2018 graduate of Maine East High School, Harshitha Padiyar recently won a Park Ridge Chamber Scholarship.

The Niles resident will attend the University of Southern California and is hoping to work in the field of biomedical engineering and medical technology as an electrical engineer.

Q. What does it mean to you knowing you've been awarded a Park Ridge Chamber Scholarship?

A. I'm very honored to receive a scholarship, and it helps make it possible for me to pursue higher education. I'm really grateful to the Chamber for selecting me, and this will help my family a lot with paying for college next year.

Q. What made your experience at Maine East most memorable?

A. The diversity of the school. I've learned about and met people from so many different cultures and backgrounds here.

Q. What is driving your hopes of becoming an electrical engineer?

A. I like learning about how things work, and I hope that as an engineer, I'll be able to solve problems and help others.

Q. Do you see many ways in which your technical coursework in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math can incite creativity?

A. Yes, definitely. All of my STEM classes require creativity, whether it's for building a model for a science project, coding, or solving a math problem. There's never any one right answer, so you have to think creatively to find solutions, especially in engineering projects.

Q. Does the rate at which technology is constantly evolving give you added excitement about pursuing a career as an electrical engineer?

A. Yes, for sure. It's exciting to see all the advancements and progress happening now, and I hope I'll contribute to it someday too.

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