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New barber lounge a cut above the rest

When Latoya Medina opened up a barber lounge in Joliet last year, she knew she wanted to aim a cut above the rest.

“We’re catering to what men like,” she said, noting that hair salons often do this for women. “They can watch the game, play pool, and chit chat. That’s why we made it a lounge.”

All About U Barber Lounge, located at 1107 W. Jefferson St., is owned by Medina and opened for business in 2017.

Medina, a graduate of Royal Image Barber College a Joliet resident, has worked in the barbershop industry for more than 20 years. She said her life’s passion is her work.

“It means more when you’re passionate about something,” Medina said. “You give it your all.”

Medina said when she first realized that she wanted to become a barber, her first client was her nephew.

“I had to take care of my nephew when he was in high school,” she said.

When her nephew needed a haircut, Medina decided to buy a pair of clippers and do it herself. From there, she started to pick up business from other neighborhood children.

Since opening up her barber lounge, the community’s response has been great.

“My motto is giving back,” she said, noting that she has hosted back-to-school events and customer appreciation days.

Her commitment to her craft and vision for her business makes the lounge stand out in a crowded field of barbershops and salons.

“I want men to feel comfortable, hangout, and have fellowship with good wholesome people,” she said. “It’s free of drama. We conduct business as professionals because that’s how we are.”

All About U Barber Lounge currently operates with three barbers, with hopes to expand and add more staff in the future.

For information about pricing and hours of service, visit or call 815-931-6949.


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