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A dash of color: Troy District 30-C community supports annual run

Troy Community Consolidated School District 30-C brought a dash of color to the community April 20 during its Color-A-Thon.

In its second year, the color run aimed not only to excite children and their families, but also to raise funds to incentivize students for doing well in school.

“It’s great for us because we do it to bring the kids together,” said Jennifer Prosise, chairwoman for this year’s race. “Because we have kids in the fifth- and sixth-grade building and the seventh- and eighth-grade building, so they don’t get to stay together. This is our way of bringing our kids [of William B. Orenic and Troy Middle schools] together and the families of the students for a fun event.”

The race, originally planned for April 6, was rescheduled due to weather. None of this deterred participants last week from running with flying colors.

“It is great because there is nicer weather,” Prosise said of the event’s timing. “It’s like a precursor for what’s to come for summer.”

The race, held at William B. Orenic Intermediate School, was not timed. Spectators lined the grassy areas surrounding the racecourse to snap pictures during the event, and others watched on as people participated in the color run.

Crest Hill’s Bradley Price ran alongside three of his four children during the event.

“It was super fun,” he said. “My favorite part was throwing the color in the air at the last minute.”

Price said knowing the District hosted the color run for the second year in a row was huge.

“It’s definitely important to support the school district,” he said. “It’d be great if not just the parents of students were involved in the school district but [having] the entire community would be great. So, anything that can be more of a community event is great.”

Prosise said the race does a wonderful job of bringing the community together.

“We also get younger siblings that come out,” she said. “[Students] are also able to bring their friends with them and their friends get to run.”

The race served, in part, as a fundraiser for William B. Orenic and Troy Middle schools. Students earn incentives throughout the academic year to reward good behavior.

“This helps pay for those rewards,” Prosise said.

Students earn access to assemblies, inflatables and the Wacky Olympics.

A number of parents participated in this year’s Color-A-Thon, much like they had last year.

“Last year, I did [the color run] as a parent,” Prosise said. “There was a lot of parents last year. I think the kids are always looking for something that mom and dad can play with them, and this is a great event for that.”

Dozens of participants threw colored powder in the air as they celebrated at the end of the event.

Shorewood’s Debbie Carpenter was meeting up with her son after the race.

“[Seeing] him running around with his friends, the face, the smile, all the color on him, I think he’s having a good time,” she said.

This year was Carpenter’s first time attending the Color-A-Thon. She said she is looking forward to coming out for the color run next year, should the District decide to hold another one.

“I think it’s great to support the schools,” Carpenter said.

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