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Shorewood officials amend sexual harassment policy

With the local and national attention sexual harassment in the workplace has received in recent months, the Shorewood Village Board of Trustees took action Jan. 9 at a regular meeting to become compliant with updated standards from the State of Illinois.

The policy, unanimously approved with the second read waived, is something every municipality in Illinois must move to adopt.

Village Board action is predicated, in part, by the State of Illinois’ recent passing of updated legislation.

The amendment aims to supersede all prior existing codes in Shorewood.

The new policy now extends protections to all employees and volunteers, regardless of the type of employment arrangement and goes on to state that they are all responsible for complying with the new measures prohibiting sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment in all its forms is forbidden in the workplace, including those based on age, race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, pregnancy, or veteran status.

Typically, Village of Shorewood employees receive a copy of any revised policies.

Contractors and subcontractors are to be notified via bid documents, which commonly require that they comply with all of the Village’s codes.

Trustee Dan Anderson questioned how Shorewood should get the word out to volunteers about the new legislation.

Village Attorney Dave Silverman said an email could be sent out to everyone telling them that they’re subject to the new policy.

Under the amended code, protections are outlined to help victims to navigate the process of filing a report and entering an investigation.

The policy maintains the lodging retaliation against an individual for filing a harassment claim is prohibited and goes on to note that such complaints are to be directed to the Illinois Department of Human Rights by visiting 100 W. Randolph St., Suite 10-100, Chicago, Illinois or calling (312) 814 – 6245.

Round up

A brief recap of Jan. 9 action and discussion from the Shorewood Village Board of Trustees meeting:

  • Officials authorized a payment of $24,359.06 to the Illinois Department of Transportation for Black Road improvements.

  • A motion was passed to approve a payment of $20,508 to Core & Main for water meters.

  • The board adopted a resolution to honor the Troy Middle School seventh-grade girls basketball team for earning the right to be named State Champions in 7-4A Class following a 28-0 overall record for regular season play. Members of the team included Jasmine Brown, Andie Burch, Kaylen Coggins, Janiyah Jones, Grace Morrow, Jayleen Sanchez, Melle Slager, Ashlei Thomas, Lisa Thompson, and Akeisha Watson. The coaching staff was comprised of Head Coach Mark Peters and Assistant Coach Serena Cruz.

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