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Frankfort area children send letters to Santa

It is around this time of year when a certain jolly guy from the North Pole checks his list and checks it twice to find out who’s been naughty or nice.

As the calendar year came to a close, Frankfort area children and their families were motivated to send letters to Santa Claus.

This time around, about 75 children helped fill Santa’s mailbox this holiday season, using the drop-off box located in the main hall at the Founders Community Center. There, it was often flowing with letters upon letters, carefully crafted on Santa-themed background paper.

With the assistance of Santa’s helpers working remotely, the Frankfort Park District collected all the letters delivered between Feb. 23 and Dec. 6.

Children composed their letters with some assistance provided by their parents or other family members. The content of each one varied, though a checklist was provided to help those interested in writing to Santa.

Some children listed what they had done well during the year and the things they need to improve on.

One child wanted to test how far Santa could go to surprise them this year, requesting an item to be fulfilled from their wish list.

“A child wants a brother or sister,” said Cali DeBella, special events coordinator for Frankfort Park District, referring to a request that stood out. “[I] don’t think Santa will be able to get that.”

No one admitted to being naughty this year. No one thanked Santa for last year’s presents this time around, and no one asked Santa any questions this year, either.

Out of the many letters to Santa, a plethora of requests were made. Typically, Legos are a common toy that children wished for.

“This program gives us … great joy to receive so many letters from children all over,” DeBella said.