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Frankfort Lions Club supports those in need during Thanksgiving holiday season

To help ensure that those in need do not go hungry during the holiday season, the Frankfort Lions Club hosted its annual Thanksgiving Food Basket Drive Sunday, Nov. 19.

Members of the group’s Board of Directors, along with the assistance of Trail’s Edge at Smokey Barque, made this year’s effort possible.

“It’s a great organization, the [Frankfort] Lions Club,” said Tommy Ridings, owner of Trail’s Edge at Smokey Barque. “They do great things. I mean, it’s a pretty cool organization, and I’m glad to be a part of it. To be able to help out with the business being a downtown Frankfort business is important, as well.”

This year, the food will help support 25 families in the Frankfort and Frankfort Square area.

“We appreciate it, that community partnership with the local business on this, and that’s what Frankfort Lions Club is all about,” Margaret Farina, a member of the Frankfort Lions Club Board of Directors. “Working with Trail’s Edge at Smokey Barque is imperative as a community.”

The Frankfort Lions Club also organizes similar type of efforts every year for Easter and Christmas.

Each basket was equipped with a turkey and all the fixings that a family could use over the course of a week.

“We have a fantastic food pantry, and they do a great job,” said Alan Stratton, another member of the Frankfort Lions Club Board of Directors. “They know the people [we support] very well, and they give us names. … We have some people that we’ve given to that [the food pantry hasn’t] given to that we know personally need the help, so we’re looking for people that need the help.”

Stratton said they are trying to help as best they can to support those in need.

“I’m talking to the people,” Stratton said. “I ask them if they would like us to do this. I discuss their situation with them.”

Still, the impact of the Frankfort Lions Club remains uncertain.

“It’s hard to know what impact we have on people,” Stratton said. “We feel good about what it does. It’s not huge—I don’t want to overrate it—but we’re giving a lot of food and a $25 gift card, and I think that people want to think that there are people looking for them.”

Farina agreed and went on to say though there is no measureable way to gauge the impact they can have, there is an emotional one for the families.

Farina noted that the circumstances those in need face often will vary, and it’s important to recognize the mission of the Frankfort Lions Club.

“Relieving hunger for families is one of our top priorities of the Frankfort Lions Club, and that’s why we embrace this type of activity for our members,” she said.

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