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Antonio’s Salon & Barber Shop in Frankfort continues to serve, style clients

It has been more than a century in the making for Antonio’s Salon & Barber Shop—its staff members have more than 100 years of combined professional experience.

Now in their fifth year operating out of its current Frankfort location, the salon and barber shop staff want to continue emphasizing the value they place in creating a warm, inviting environment for patrons to enjoy.

Pam Ward, who manages the facility, said knowing that Antonio’s Salon & Barber Shop found a new home in Frankfort five years ago is a means for excitement.

Clients typically come in to be serviced by one of three hairstylists or one of two barbers, with women and girls entering the salon and men and boys visiting the barber shop. A conjoining wall separates the two spaces.

Commonly requested services in the salon include haircuts, color and permanents. The barber shop typically handles requests for beard, goatee and moustache trimming, in addition to haircuts.

Ward said the styles coming back to the forefront she has noted include the curls and wild hair colors.

Stylists and barbers on site obtain continuing education credit hours to stay up-to-update on best practices, trends and other areas of emphasis.

Ward said they have people of all different ages who come in to get their hair done.

A special is now available for first-time clients to come in and receive service at 25 percent off.

“Frankfort has so many hair places,” Ward said. “They pop up, and they go away. They pop up, and they go away.”

Antonio’s Salon & Barber Shop prides itself on aiming to separate itself from the similar type businesses.

“We’re laid back,” Ward said. “You don’t have to dress up to come get your hair done. We want you to look good leaving. We don’t care what you look like coming in. [We’re] very relaxed, very laid back. You don’t have to get your hair and make-up to go get your hair done here.”

Ward said she and others on staff are committed to making personal attention a top priority.

“It’s like a family here,” she said. “[Barber] Nancy Talaga’s clients, I know their names. They know [me.] We introduce everybody to everyone. It’s like a family, so you walk in here and you sit here and you don’t know anybody, you will when you leave.”

Antonio’s Salon & Barber Shop operates six days a week, with the building closed on Sundays, and open from 9-6 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 7-1 p.m. Saturdays.

For more information, call (815) 464-8420, go to or visit 301 White St. in Frankfort.

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