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Shorewood Glen expo brings community resources to seniors

In order to better address the needs of area senior citizens, Shorewood Glen by Del Webb hosted its eighth annual Health & Safety Expo.

The Oct. 21 expo was meant to serve as an event bringing together community resources that people ages 55 and older.

“I think it’s a great opportunity not only for Shorewood Glen residents, but anybody in the general community that is [ages] 55 and older to get to know the health providers that are, to get some face-to-face [time] with biologists, have their blood pressure checked, [receive] insurance information, [obtain] banking information, [and] anything that’s health or safety-related [is here,]” said Stacey Shelton, lifestyle and marketing director for Shorewood Glen by Del Webb. “We have our 9-1-1 dispatch station here. People aren’t always aware of [when] to call 9-1-1. It’s good that they can have some face-to-face time and answer questions.”

Nearly 30 vendors were on hand this time around to engage the public during the expo. Representatives from Joliet Area Community Hospice, The Timbers of Shorewood and Connect Hearing met with those in attendance.

Shelton said of the issues seniors face in today’s world the biggest is fraud.

“We have a couple insurance representatives,” Shelton said. “We have Legal Shield here.”

The problem is that people ages 55 and older don’t always understand why they could be targeted, Shelton said.

“You don’t give out your personal information,” she said. “A bank would never ask you for your social security number. They’re never going to ask you that over the phone. So, getting the awareness out there to protect themselves, I think that’s probably the biggest thing.”

Typically, the expo brings in 300 people from across the area annually.

“It’s a free expo, so it’s open to anybody to come,” Shelton said. “The more we can get the word out there, the better.”

Shelton said the expo tends to draw in people who come back year after year, which is nice to see.

“Repetition and repeating is everything, and the more that you can build a relationship with somebody, the more that you’re likely to go with them when the time comes that you need something like that,” Shelton said. “That’s going to stick in your head.”

On site, attendees were able to receive head, neck and shoulder massages, blood pressure checks and flu shots.

Jo Ward, of Shorewood, was just one of many in attendance for the expo that had donated blood.

“I don’t know how many people give blood,” she said. “I would not have given blood if that bus wasn’t over there, and I think everybody should give blood.”

Ward perused the various booths on hand at Shorewood Glen.

“There’s a lot of information,” she said. “I’m planning on [using the information provided.]”

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