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Cache Creek Animal Rescue hosts grand reopening

The journey of a young American pit bull terrier named Lilac Rose was shared following her recent rescue and transport to Midwest Animal Hospital.

A moving vehicle dragged Lilac Rose, and she is receiving medical care with thanks to Cache Creek Animal Rescue. The treatment the dog has received since she was found along the side of a road in Tennessee has surely helped, said Kim Lichtenwalder, treasurer for Cache Creek Animal Rescue.

“She has already—in the last week that we’ve had her— put on five pounds,” Lichtenwalder said. “To see her develop every day—despite everything she’s been through—she is, by far, the sweetest dog ever.”

The story outlines the impact Cache Creek Animal Rescue has on many animals.

To raise support and bring awareness to the work of Cache Creek Animal Rescue, a grand reopening was held Oct. 14 from its new location at Alsip Home & Nursery in Frankfort.

The animal rescue relocated to its new home in June after finalizing a lease agreement with Alsip Home & Nursery.

“We moved here because our lease was up in our New Lenox location, and they were selling the building to a tire company, who is now occupying the building,” Lichtenwalder said. “They bought it, [and] they wanted to use it. Our lease was up, so the timing was good.”

Around that time, Alsip to the Rescue was leaving the space that Cache Creek Animal Rescue occupies.

There are a number of advantages to the new location.

“One of the biggest advantages is the amount of foot traffic that comes through the store,” Lichtenwalder said. “We’re able to rescue more animals.”

Thanks to Fromm Family Foods, a high-end pet food company, animals at Cache Creek Animal Rescue will now be fed their food. Bags are to be donated each month to satisfy this aim.

“It’s a huge win-win for us,” Lichtenwalder said. “The other big thing with that is, all of our animals and us, we worry day to day where the food is going to come from to feed them because the majority of it is from donations. We haven’t been able to consistently keep them on one kind of food, which upsets the animals’ bellies when you’re switching constantly. So, being able to have them on one food all the time is huge to us not having to worry for where the next bag of food is coming from, being able to keep the dogs healthy, and not worrying about things that come with upset bellies for them.”

Cache Creek Animal Rescue director Donna Hawk agreed.

“Right now, with the number of animals we have and how we go through food, it’s not feasible to buy it,” she said. “We get a lot donated, which is very much appreciated.”

During the event, a donation drive was held, raffles were sold and animals were adopted.

Typically, the animal rescue adopts between 40 and 50 pets each month.

“We want the animals going into good homes, so that they’re not getting returned,” Lichtenwalder said.

Cache Creek Animal Rescue recently hired a new manager and veterinarian technician. They’re looking for additional help, as well.

Any donations received during the grand reopening event go toward paying for medical expenses and general costs with running a shelter.

“We always accepting donations all the time,” Lichtenwalder said.

How to help

Cache Creek Animal Rescue is in need of supplies, which can be dropped off at its new location inside Alsip Home & Nursery at 20601 S. LaGrange Rd. in Frankfort.

Cleaning supplies:


Fabuloso (green or purple)

Paper towels

Hand sanitizer

For cats:

Cat litter

Canned cat food

Cat toys

For dogs:

Canned dog food

Dog collars (small and medium)

Dog leashes



Old towels or blankets

Microchips (

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