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Shorewood seeks study for several village facilities

The Shorewood Village Board of Trustees unanimously moved forward with a proposal put together by Tria Architecture to study space needs for a public works facility, police station and recreation center at its Sept. 12 meeting.

“This was brought up [at a recent public meeting] that we would like to have a needs study done for these three complexes,” Village Administrator Roger Barrowman said.

The study is meant to start by identifying what the Village already has in terms of space.

Tria Architecture intends to meet with key staff members and board members to talk about needs.

The scope of each study will differ for the three proposed projects, but the spaces are to be analyzed to determine how the Village currently operates.

“The public works [facility] will probably be the quicker one, as we’re going through the vehicles and so forth,” said James Petrakos, a principal architect for Tria Architecture. “[The] police [station] is a little bit more intricate in which we’re going through, in terms of the trends and so forth. The recreation [center]—since we’re kind of starting from scratch—there’s no set department to [launch] the facility. There’s a community outreach portion of that, so we want to get the surveys out and get it out to the community, so they can actually look at that. We want to give people enough time to actually respond and we can get enough feedback back and then talk about it.”

Each of the spaces will be examined by Tria Architecture concurrently.

In budgeting for the study, the Village is allotting $18,850 for the recreation center, $20,850 for the police station and $14,850 for the public works facility.

The analyses will be presented to Shorewood officials as early as January 2018.

“We can break them up into pieces, so we can concentrate one versus the others,” Petrakos said. “They are different. Each one of them is different with [differing] thought processes of how we approach each one.”

No plans to take further action can be advanced without the approval of the Board of Trustees.

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