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Joliet, Laraway School District 70-C reach pact on roadway improvements

The Joliet City Council secured an agreement with Laraway School District 70-C for roadway improvements on Rowell Avenue at its Aug. 15 regular meeting.

In a unanimous vote, officials decided to pay for work to be performed to improve existing conditions on the road in question.

Laraway School recently annexed property between Caroline and Eunice Avenue, on the west side of Rowell Avenue, just north of the ComEd and Natural Gas Pipeline rights-of-ways. Around that time, the district agreed to pay for the improvements needed.

The City of Joliet is already in the middle of designing and improving Rowell Avenue, immediately south of the ComEd and Natural Gas Pipeline rights-of-way, adjacent to the Laraway Crossings subdivision.

The pact intends to facilitate a free flow of traffic, ensure compatibility and define future responsibility and rights regarding construction to the western one-half of Rowell Avenue. In doing so, the city’s engineer will work together with Laraway Schools’ to provide the necessary documentation to complete improvements.

Laraway School is estimated to pay $92,400,00 amount in reimbursable funds, while Joliet officials are to match those funds.

Collins Street streetlights project approved

Also at the meeting, Joliet officials approved a resolution appropriating funds for the Collins Street streetlighting project.

The measure as approved will allot dollars to improve conditions along Collins Street between Van Buren and Columbia streets.

“This is long over due,” Mayor Bob O’Dekirk said. “[It’s] been a long time coming.”

Streetlights are to be paid for by monies originating from the city’s Motor Fuel Tax Fund.

The project in question makes up one segment of the city’s project planned for the Joliet’s eastside.

Director of Public Works Jim Trizna said the city is hoping to set aside money to work on the next segment of this year’s infrastructure improvements. The city is getting ready to go from Columbia Street to Woodruff Avenue, he said.

“We do have projects in the area just looking at the next couple years,” he said.

Joliet transfers property to Will County Habitat for Humanity

To promote neighborhood revitalization, Joliet officials transferred ownership of city-owned property located at 319 S. Midland to Will County Habitat for Humanity.

The council’s decision is subject to completion of an environmental review, as well as additional deed restrictions regarding intended use of the construction of a single-family residence using HOME investment partnership Consortium funding.

Joliet officials purchased the property in question and demolished structures upon it in 2010. Since that time, the lot has been vacant.

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