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Trustees agree to amend Village rules for microbreweries, wineries

New Lenox officials approved an amendment to an ordinance regulating microbreweries and wineries July 24, in hopes of enticing new businesses to come on line.

The rule, which was previously discussed at the July 10 meeting of the New Lenox Village Board of Trustees, will govern the number, kind and classification of liquor licenses for sale, the amount of local license fees owed and the establishment of further rules and restrictions following the issuance of a license.

A microbrewery owner recently approached the Village with interest in setting up another establishment in New Lenox. At that point, the Village started reviewing its codes regulating liquor license establishments only to find that it didn’t address all potential uses.

While the ordinance stipulates that food is a component of a license to operate a microbrewery or winery, Village officials agreed they will consider proposals for such uses excluding plans to sell food without issuing variances.

In a unanimous vote, trustees agreed to modify the municipality’s rules.

Also at the meeting, the New Lenox Village Board of Trustees approved site plans for the development of Plank Trail Industrial Center at 12500 Harvey Dr.

“This is one of the lots that was subject to a pre-annexation agreement, and then the Village did annex it,” Assistant Village Administrator Robin Ellis said. “As part of that process, there are some deviations from the Village code that were included, so that the park would look consistent regardless of whether they were constructed before they were annexed into the Village.”

The development intends to utilize an estimated 18,000-square-foot, multitenant building. There, one of the end units is to be occupied by the owner. Additional spaces will available for sale or rent.

“It does comply with those post-annexation standards, as well as the other applicable municipal codes,” Ellis said.

Trustee David Smith commended the owner for working with the Village to bring on line a new development.

“It’s nice to see more industrial come in town,” he said.

Round it up

A brief recap of Village Board action from the July 24 regular meeting:

  • New Lenox officials approved the participation of the Village’s elected officials in the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund. The board’s action set a duty requirement of 1,000 hours or more per year in order to qualify.

  • Trustees agreed to award a two-year snow removal contract extension to Beverly Snow and Ice for the maintenance of the Route 30 Metra lot. Village staff recommended that New Lenox officials waive the bidding process. The rates at which the Village is to be charged will remain consistent with the way it has since 2011.

  • The Village secured an agreement, which provides a lump sum fee of $172,800, to partner with Strand Associates for flow monitoring and collection system modeling services for the Regional Sewage Treatment Plant and Conveyance Modifications project. The services are on schedule to reach completion by Mar. 30, 2018.

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