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Tinley Park officials aim to curb concerns for safety along 175th Street

Residents concerned for safety while commuting along 175th Street will find new sidewalks between Ridgeland Avenue and Tinley Park High School as early as this fall.

Board action taken at a July 18 regular meeting of the Tinley Park Village Board of Trustees will award a $143,984.60 contract for sidewalk installation to Davis Concrete, a contractor based out of Monee. Plans are intact to configure the new sidewalk’s alignment to accommodate existing landscaping along the route.

The installation site currently ends about 350 feet east of Ridgeland Avenue, while on the opposite side of the street from Tinley Park High School is a sidewalk that extends on down without interruption.

“I know this was an issue that came up last year,” Mayor Jacob Vandenberg said, noting the Village’s Public Works Department deserves some kudos for working toward a solution to ensure safety.

Over the years, many students have been walking in the street instead of using the completed sidewalk at the north end. Concerns generated over the lack of sidewalk on the south side of 175th Street to Tinley Park High School has resulted in many complaints, Village staff said.

The Village of Tinley Park had received and read a total of four bids for sidewalk installation services.

In a 6-0 vote, Tinley Park officials agreed to work with the project’s lowest, responsible bidder, Davis Concrete.

Village staff is still waiting on Cook County to issue a permit to allow work to begin on the project.

Appointments to two commissions approved

Tinley Park officials confirmed a set of new appointments to the 2017-2018 Tinley Park Brand Leadership Subcommittee of the MainStreet Commission. New Member Jay Damm will join Beth Fahey, Dennis Suglich, Diane Galante, Julie Volkmann, Julie Dekker, Daniel Fitzgerald and Greg Carter. New Associate Members Nick Markowicz and Beth McKernan were appointed to work alongside Courtney Rourke, Jason Freeland, Jackie Bobbitt, Nick Halikias, Vince Aiello and Eduardo Mani.

Tinley Park officials also agreed, and went on to seat new Members Aireen Arellano and Jeffrey Loftus to serve on the Village’s 2017-2018 Environmental Enhancement Commission.

Vandenberg lauds success of Village block party

Vandenberg took a moment to revel in the success of the Village’s block party held July 16.

“It was a great success,” he said. “If you were there, I’m sure you witnessed that.”

Vandenberg recapped the event for those who were not in attendance for the festivities.

“Again, we had a very large event—a lot of great entertainers, a lot of great bands, a lot of vendors,” he said.

Vandenberg went on to thank all the different parties who put in an effort to make the event possible, including the Tinley Park Police Department, Tinley Park MainStreet Commission and Tinley Park Public Works staff.

“And, then last and most importantly, all the families that were able to come out and enjoy the day, the day is not what it is except for when the residents and their families come out and really soak up what it’s all about,” he said. “Thanks to all them. Thanks to all who participated. Again, I look forward to next year.”

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