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NL Scouts support military troops with care packages

Cub Scout Pack 94 Pack Night brought out nearly 20 cakes and buyers for a cake decorating contest and auction on April 23 and raised more than $400 by the evening’s end.

A portion of the funds raised during the event will go toward care packages for military troops, and the remainder will be used to support Pack 94 programming.

“We’re really big on making sure we send stuff over [to the troops,]” said Jason Villalobos, a den leader and fundraising committee chairman.

In 2015, 15 care packages were sent to support military troops.

“We did it last year, and it was extremely successful,” Villalobos said. “Last year, we had right around 30 cakes. The kids really got into it and…you literally had two parents [and kids] like, ‘I really want that cake.’ Another one wanted their cake back. There were cakes that would get up to 30, 40 bucks. It was crazy.

“It gets very, very competitive, I will tell you that. It’s pretty crazy how competitive the parents get to get their own cake back.”

That’s when Cub Scout Pack 94 decided they would hold another cake decorating contest and auction this year.

To participate in the contest and auction, families were required to provide one cake—either homemade or purchased from a store with decorations added to put a creative spin on it. Cub Scouts were expected to be involved in the decorating, as well.

Camille Jensen, of New Lenox, said she enjoyed festivities held at Pack Night.

“Last year, we were third place,” she said. “This year, [our performance was] not as good but it was fun.”

Jensen and her 8-year-old son, Lincoln, prepared a cake decorated with a patriotic theme this year.

Lincoln said his favorite part to Pack Night was seeing how money the cakes sold for.

“It’s really cool to figure out how much money could go to [help the troops,]” he said.

Camille said decorating their cake served as a good way to bond with one another.

“We made it together,” Camille said. “This year, he did a lot more work than he did last year.”

Camille said it’s wonderful to know the Pack’s creations will help to support a good cause.

“We’re really lucky that our troop is with the VFW, here, in New Lenox,” she said. “Our kids, like, see veterans a lot when we have meetings over there. So, it’s nice to like associate something that we’re doing to help others, along with people who had served for our country.”

“[Lincoln’s] dad was in the Navy, not anymore,” Camille said. “It’s really important that we still continue to help out the troops.”

Jamie Viebach, also of New Lenox, was sitting with her 8-year-old son, Liam, as the cake auction got underway.

“I like that it’s a way for the scouts and their parents to work together and make something they can be proud of,” she said.

Liam agreed.

“My favorite [part] has to be making the cake with my family because I got to spend a lot of time with my mom and my dad making the cake,” he said.

Liam’s cake was decorated with a rocket ship theme.

Liam said upon seeing the other creations, his favorite cake, though, had a Pokemon theme.

Jamie said having the opportunity to decorate cakes to support troops is important.

“It’s a good way for scouts to giveback to the community and to help them to understand that there are people away from their families working for the military and our country,” she said.

By the Pack Night’s end, trophies were awarded to the Top Six participants in the cake decorating contest—three of which are voted on by members of the pack as Most Creative, Most Scout Spirit and Coolest Cake and the remainder are selected by a member of VFW Post 9454. Every other participant received a medal at Pack Night.

“Every Pack Night we have is really something we try to make unique,” Villalobos said.

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