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Troy, Orenic students awash with color after inaugural run in Plainfield

Hundreds ran with flying colors at the inaugural Color-A-Thon, hosted between Troy and William B. Orenic Intermediate schools, painting Plainfield orange, pink, yellow and blue on April 7.

Usually after running a race, people are covered in sweat. Runners taking part in the Color-A-thon were also covered in color.

The event aims to encourage families to come together, with the goal of getting more parents involved on the Parent Advisory Committee.

“The history of the PTO is that we have one PTO for all of the schools, but as the district has grown we now have seven schools,” said Sabrina Price, a parent and Parent Advisory Committee volunteer. “The PTO just wasn’t seeing a lot of involvement. So, over the past few years, each school has tried to grow their own pack—is what we’re calling them. Parent Advisory Committee is kind of the same idea as the PTO, but a more local presence within the school in an effort to get more parents to get involved and be active in the schools.”

More than 300 people signed up to participate in the color run.

“The funds raised will be used for incentives and assemblies at Troy and William B. Orenic Intermediate schools,” Price said. “It’s just something special.”

Alyia Abercrombie, 10, of Plainfield, said she enjoyed the experience.

“I really like that the people threw the paint at us,” she said. “I like how we got to run three times to get all painted.”

Abercrombie’s mom, Jenny Dimitt agreed.

“It was exciting… sitting watching her get sprayed,” she said. “It was fun.”

This year was Abercrombie’s first time participating in a color run.

“I was like, ‘oh, my god, I can’t wait for the color run,’” she said.

Abercrombie said she was surprised to see all the different colors.

“It was a lot of fun,” she said.

Dimitt said it’s important to show support for the schools.

“I’m so glad that they do stuff like this,” she said.

Andy Sarata, of Shorewood, was preparing to hit the racecourse with his family.

“[It’s] just for fun,” he said. “There’s no clock so it’s going to be fun today.”

Andy’s daughter, Madelyn Sarata, 12, said she had one particular goal in mind.

Madelyn said she’s hoping “not to be the last one [to cross the finish line.]”

Andy said he thinks the color run is a great way to bring the family together.

“We’re all here,” he said. “Typically, the rest of them don’t like to run except for [Madelyn.]”

Price said it is not yet known when they’ll host another Color-A-Thon. The committee doesn’t want the event to lose its appeal, she said.

“Hopefully, we’ll get more parent involvement to do more events,” Price said.

The Color-A-Thon was backed by School-A-Thon and featured local sponsorships by Meijers, TCBY and Marco’s Pizza.

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