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Smith Partners and Associates finds new home in Downers Grove

Smith Partners and Associates recently found a new home in the Village of Downers Grove.

The move intends to show the company’s continued commitment to serving the area from its new location at 5509 Belmont Ave., Suite A.

The company handles the western suburbs and typically works with sellers to close transactions for list properties.

“We specialize in residential real estate,” Managing Broker Coya Smith said. “I’ve worked in the industry more than 25 years.“

Smith Partners and Associates first came to town in 2008. Since that time, the real estate consulting firm has racked up a number of accolades, one being that they were named in the Top 1 percent by the Chicago Realtors Association for five consecutive years.

Smith said since relocating in November 2016, the company has started finding some success at its new location.

“Through the first quarter, we’ve closed 30 properties,” she said. “To date, we’ve closed 52 transactions with a volume over $9 million. That’s good for an independent boutique.”

Smith said the company strives to provide a distinct service that is unparalleled.

“I think we have more focus on individualized service,” she said. “We have a team. We strive to provide immediate responses to clients. It’s built on a team structure.”

Smith said it’s important for the company to stay ahead of the curve in response to the ever-changing business climate.

“In a technologically changing market, we need a quick response, whether it’s phone, email or text message,” Smith said. “[We’ve adapted our] communication and response to sellers and buyers setting up immediate updates so they get access to the information. We’ve had to change. Technology has changed.”

Smith noted the degree to which the real estate consulting industry has evolved over the years.

“It was more phone, less email,” Smith said. “With the iPhones and the other avenues of communication, you want to give them Docu-Signs and electronic signatures. Working remotely is the ideal way to operate.”

“Open houses and advertising and marketing are more prevalent,” Smith said. “It has helped us to sell our properties at higher rates as well as more quickly because we’re maximizing our exposure.”

Smith said it makes sense on a number of levels to continue doing business in Downers Grove.

“It’s a good, strong market,” she said. “We don’t have enough inventory. It does go rather quickly. We’re able to see rates increase rather quickly.”

Smith noted that the company is seeing less inventory and more buyers in 2017 and said they saw more inventory and less buyers the prior year.

“Downers Grove is a growing village with the growth of millennial [populations] moving into rentals,” she said, noting the importance of those choosing to live in the new rentals on Main and Maple could become sellers one day. “I think it’ll be great to continue to serve the area. The Chamber [630] has been great about attracting new restaurants. Proximity to Burlington [Station], people are able to take the train. Between the schools and parks, people like the Downers Grove corridor.”

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