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  • Megann Horstead

Allegro Music & Dance Academy hosts grand reopening

The owners at Allegro Music & Dance Academy set out to celebrate the expansion of their building during a two-day grand re-opening event and open house on March 10 and March 11.

The program was meant not only to highlight new programming through live demonstrations, but also to commemorate the business’ 55th year serving the Lockport community.

“I want to thank Tim [Veurink] and Lori [Gardner] for two things, one is your faithfulness to your business,” Mayor Steve Streit said. “You’ve done this for so many years and just keeping true to your vision is a huge thing. To watch folks take a business all the way from where you guys had it all the way to where it is today is an inspiration. It really is. I enjoy that very much watching small business [grow].”

Co-owner Tim Veurink said celebrating this occasion brings great meaning.

“We’re very excited about the dance and theater dreams being made here,” he said.

Gardner shared that sentiment.

“For me, it always has been about these people [we serve],” she said. “You are what it makes truly awesome for us to keep doing what we’re doing.”

Gardner said later during an interview the expansion allows them to extend additional program offerings they’d previously not offered.

“The downstairs hasn’t changed all that much in terms of space,” she said. “We added a couple of lesson rooms, but not that much. Adding the upstairs allows us to do musical theater, allows us to do summer camps, allows to do the dance program.”

In total, the expansion adds 2,000 square feet to the 2,000-square-foot building they initially used to house their academy.

Gardner said the idea of opening up their academy for demonstrations made sense because it’s not always easy to tell what it feels like “to have a guitar in your hands and understand what making that sound is like; it’s a cool opportunity.”

Gardner added that she hopes students who drop in with their parents come away interested in what the academy can offer.