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Homer woman takes education role

Homer Glen resident Cherilyn Murer was recently appointed by Gov. Bruce Rauner to serve on the Illinois Board of Higher Education.

Murer is the founder of Murer Consultants in the village of Mokena.

“I’m delighted to continue my service in higher education,” she said.

Rauner appointed Murer to the position last month.

“I have in-depth experience with regard to higher education,” she said. “I’m on the Dean’s [council] at Harris School of Public Policy at the University of Chicago. I’m a trustee on the Executive Committee at the Lebanese American University in Beirut, New York. I’ve also previously served on the board of Northern Illinois University.”

While higher education faces its share of challenges in today’s world, one being funding and another is workforce development, issues that Murer agreed of top concern.

“I think we need stability of the budget, so that universities are better able to develop their financial and strategic plans,” she said. “We then have to promote access and affordability to universities [and] look at the tangible outcomes in terms of graduation outcomes and standardized testing.”

Murer said she believes she makes for a solid candidate fit to serve the board for a number of reasons, first being the founding of Murer Consultants, where she established a strong reputation as a national consultant firm working in health systems and academic medical centers throughout the country.

Murer founded thehealthcare consultant management firm in 1985 and was its president and CEO for 32 years

“[Another is] the work I’ve [done] with higher education in the public and private sector looking for innovative solutions and strategies,” she said. “I think the last would be the work I’ve done with women in leadership to mentor women in achieving their highest potential.”

Murer said if past professional accomplishments can serve as any indication of the work ethic she hopes to bring to the Board of Higher Education, these accolades encapsulate it well.

“I have a strong commitment to higher education as well as all levels of education, including early childhood [and] K-12 as well as community college as options and alternatives for developing new skills and opportunities in the workplace,” Murer said.

The Homer Glen resident has a bachelor’s of arts degree from Lewis University and law degree from Northern Illinois University.

Murer is to attend her first meeting of the state Board of Higher Education on Tuesday, March 14. Murer’s previous trustee role at Northern Illinois University, as well as her executive experience, will be an asset to the board’s success, according to a press release from Rauner’s office.

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