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Shorewood Village Board adopts 2016 tax levy with police fund increase

The Shorewood Village Board of Trustees took action recently to establish a 2016 levy for the collection of taxes that is consistent with last year’s extension.

“The amounts of the 2016 tax levy remain consistent with those on last year’s tax extension, with the exception of the amount dedicated to the police pension fund which was increased,” said Anne Burkholder, finance director. “You’ll notice also the debt amount changed. However, that amount is not included in tonight’s ordinance. It is submitted separately following our bond issuance we took care of a few months back.”

Village records show the corporate, police protection, tort/liability insurance and Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund contributions remain constant from last year’s extension, with the exception being the police pension. That amount increased from $600,473.24 to $675,000 in 2016.

The proposed levy excluding debt amounts to an estimated $1.3 million, or a $74,526.76 increase from last year.

The matter was last discussed by Shorewood officials during a village board meeting in November, at which time it was noted the police pension was well met compared to other municipalities that are lagging behind in their contributions.

Burkholder said the levy is not expected to create a large difference on property tax bills.

“Based on our accrued estimates, we don’t believe it will be more than $5 or $6 (per year) on the Shorewood portion,” she said.

These projections are not concrete until the equalized assessed valuation of properties is finalized.

The levy amount will be submitted to the county by Dec. 27 to calculate the tax bills that will be due next year in June and September.

Shorewood amends village codes for water, sewer use and service

Shorewood Officials are moving forward with plans to amend village codes for water and sewer use and service.

The city of Joliet passed a seven-percent increase onto its constituents in October, at which time the new rate was being conveyed to the village for these shared public works services.

For the consumer, the change brings a $0.30 increase per 1,000 gallons.

On average, a household in Shorewood uses about 6,000 gallons of water per month.

The new rate will apply about $1.80 increase per month to the taxpayer’s water and sewer bill.

Village of Shorewood creating liquor license, animal control committees

To address complaints regarding liquor establishments and issues pertaining to animal control, Shorewood officials are looking to take action by creating two committees to review these matters.

One committee will review problems within Shorewood pertaining to liquor establishments, while another is formed to address animal control.

The village has received a number of complaints for noise, disturbances and other issues at some licensed liquor establishments. Residents have also notified Shorewood officials a number of times regarding issues with animals running at large.

Investigations will be conducted at the committee level with recommendations brought forward to the village board.

Assistance sought for special census

The village of Shorewood is conducting a special census for the areas within town experiencing growth since 2010.

Officials are looking to get started with this effort in February 2017.

The village is looking for members of the community to fill positions to assist in the study for a 25 to 30-day period.

“We need as many applications as possible,” said Karen James, community development director. “They’re looking for 135 applications, and there’ll be about 30 positions filled from those 135 applications.”

The positions are part time and require applicants to attend an initial four-day training. Applicants must be at least age 18, possess a driver’s license and a vehicle available for use.

Testing is currently scheduled for Dec. 27 and Dec. 28 at Village Hall for those that apply.

Applications can be found by visiting Village Hall or the special census website at forms/bc-170d.pdf

For more information, contact Toni Dulny at (815) 741-7713.

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