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Yorkville officials look at boundary agreement between city, Sugar Grove

To provide an opportunity for Yorkville residents to ask questions or voice concerns regarding the proposed extension of a boundary agreement formed with the Village of Sugar Grove, a public hearing was recently held at Yorkville City Hall.

City action intends to support the city in promoting and implementing effective growth management practices.

The existing boundary agreement between Yorkville and Sugar Grove is set to expire in April 2020. Territories to be affected, if an extension until 2036 is approved, run along Route 30 from Ashe Road east to end right before Bertram Road.

Krysti Barksdale-Noble said having an agreement in place is important.

“It’s good planning practice to have a neighborly agreement of where boundaries lines will be in the future and what municipalities have each property, roadway responsibilities,” she said. “This agreement just codifies that for us, so we can make good planning choices in the future.”

Barksdale-Noble said coming to terms with Sugar Grove helps when budgeting for road improvements and utility extensions.

Statue statutes call upon the city, which recently approved a comprehensive plan and map update, to enter into boundary agreements with neighboring municipalities when unincorporated territory falls within one-and-one-half miles of the boundary.

Boundary agreements require that city officials consider the natural flow of storm water drainage of the area, include all of any single tract sharing common ownership within one jurisdiction and not exceed a 20-year term limit.

Between the existing and proposed agreement, a number of items remain the same, but others require substance revisions.

Of the changes under consideration are revisions that make filing a statutory objection to any land-use change applicable beyond rezoning requests, identifies that each city agrees to review and consider the other cities transportation and comprehensive plans before making Route 30 improvements or modifications, and a clause to assert that prior executed boundary agreement with other municipalities will not conflict with the proposal.

Yorkville holds current boundary agreements with Montgomery, Oswego, Plano, Plainfield and Sugar Grove.

Municipalities already overlapping the one-and-one-half mile jurisdiction with Yorkville that do not have agreements include Millbrook and Newark. Other municipalities that are beyond the one-and-one-half mile radius, in which future planning areas show may fall within jurisdiction, include Joliet, Lisbon, Millington and Plattville.

Officials will vote on the proposed boundary agreement at a later date.


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