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LaQuinta Inn gets approval for Shorewood location

Shorewood is getting a new hotel.

Representatives for LaQuinta Inn appeared before the Shorewood Village Board of Trustees last week for consideration of a proposal to build a 4-story, 81-room hotel at 19747 N. E. Frontage Road.

Shorewood Mayor Rick Chapman said he’s pleased to see the project has been given the go ahead to proceed with development.

“Welcome to Shorewood, gentleman,” he said.

Representing the project at the meeting was Himanshu Modi, architect for Nova Design Build. He said it’s great knowing their development proposal was approved.

“Primarily, it’s designed for business travelers,” Modi said. “We count on Monday through Friday business travelers will keep us busy.”

Modi explained that during the weekends, area families can also come and enjoy the swimming pool and fitness center.

The matter came to the village board from the plan commission in a 5-0 vote.

Trustee Stevan Brockman, noting that residents had previously questioned the development and what it means for their community, said none of those individuals appeared to be present with further concerns, which is a good sign for the village.

“We had a public hearing,” he said. “We had about what do you say Karen (James) 10 people from the area to the east,” Brockman said. “I think they got their questions all answered, liked what they saw.”

Modi said resident concerns have been addressed to this point.

“Strategically, we put our building more toward the highway and away from… the residences,” Modi said. “There’s a lot of buffering in terms of landscaping and parking. Even though it’s a four-story building, neighbors will not feel there is something that is so giant next to their house. There is enough distance there.”

Modi said the hotel is intended to add an elegant touch to complement the village’s visual character.

“It’s a four-story building with very contemporary architecture,” he said. “It’s a brand-new prototype that came in the market looking [at being part of] this franchise. We are one of the first locations to use the prototype.”

Modi said the project is scheduled to get underway in March 2017 and see completion within a year’s time frame.

Community Development Director Karen James said the developers have been cooperative in working with the village to comply with measures outlined in the conditional use permit.

Of the measures addressed in the development plan are lighting, signage and landscaping.

“(I) look forward to seeing them come here,” Brockman said.

In a 6-0 vote, the Shorewood Village Board approved plans providing for development of the hotel.


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